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Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services

Shabbat Service Schedule

Shabbat Evening Service

Friday evenings (except first Friday each month) | 7:30 PM

Shabbat candlesThese services combine traditional and contemporary prayers, songs and music, and include the reading of Torah and a Torah commentary or sermon from our Rabbi. Congregants participate from their seats, and also in the leading of the services alongside our Rabbi. Hebrew and English are combined, and we provide our own Siddur/Prayer Book, which contains full transliteration of all prayers and songs, allowing those who do not read Hebrew to comfortably join in. Shabbat Services are always followed by an Oneg , the sharing food and drink together, which gives us the chance to celebrate the joys of the Sabbath in a relaxed setting, and gives our members and guests a valuable weekly opportunity for fellowship and meeting old and new friends.

Family Shabbat Service

First Friday of the month | 7:00 PM

This Shabbat is geared toward our children, from the very young to those near Bnei Mitzvah age. With a special Siddur, songs, stories and puppets, the service begins and concludes earlier. Often, a religious school class participates in a Family Shabbat service with a presentation or song. Our Family Shabbat is not just a children’s service, but it is one which adults can also find to be a meaningful and enjoyable Shabbat experience.

Family Shabbat Puppet

Shabbat Morning Service/B’nei Mitzvah

Saturday Mornings | 10:00 AM

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations are held on a Shabbat Morning Service, on Saturday at 10am. These services are almost completely led by the Bnei Mitzvah, who are obviously accompanied by the Rabbi and their tutor and mentors. The Bnei Mitzvah reads from Torah, Haftarah, and delivers a speech commenting on the meaning of the Torah reading and of the occasion. While we celebrate the Bnei Mitzvah and share the joy with their families, this is our congregational Shabbat morning Service, and so the entire congregation is invited and encouraged to attend.

Bringing our children to Services: which one is best for us?

It is our duty and our privilege as parents and grandparents to have our children experience Shabbat at a synagogue, learn about their tradition, and make them feel at home at this special time and place. Because we make this a priority, in Beth Shalom children are loved and are always welcome at all our services. We also understand that children are not adults, and their needs and times are different and must be acknowledged. Having our children’s changing needs as they grow in mind, we have created a variety of services, so that parents may choose the right fit for their child’s needs.

The Family Service is the experience they will enjoy most, and they will get more out of it. A pre-teen and teenager is ready to engage in our Adult services, but they will surely like and enjoy our Youth Services, so we encourage you to give your teen the Shabbat opportunity that is best for him/her.

Although we think and plan a lot for our children, we also care for their parents and other adults and their needs. So, while our Family Services are designed to serve our school age children, they are also especially crafted to include parents and adults. This is a unique opportunity for parents and grandparents to join with their children in song and prayer, share the service with them, and guide them to become involved and engaged in what is going on around them.