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Financial Membership Policies

Financial Membership Policies

We hope that each member’s affiliation with Beth Shalom brings fulfillment, joy, and lasting friendships through prayer, community, study, and social action.

To successfully perform our mission and goals, each of us must contribute financial support at an appropriate level. If we all had similar incomes, if we all had similar demands on our resources, if we all had similar plans for the future, everything would be simple. However, the reality is more complex. Thus, the Board has developed a Minimum Annual Commitment (MAC) plan presented in the table below. Even with this plan, the Board recognizes that while some people cannot afford the MAC, other people can afford more. The Board believes we can strike a balance, but the process relies on each of us to honestly assess our financial situations. Such an assessment, along with prompt payment of pledges, will help build a healthy congregation and a strong community in which anyone can participate. Minimum Annual Commitment represents only a portion of what is required to cover temple programs and operations.

Please review the following information and complete the Financial Commitment Form

Minumum Annual Commitment Giving Levels

*Inclusion in each member category will be based upon the age of the older person in the family as of July 1, the start of the fiscal year.

     Ages                  Category                          Minimum Giving Level
Full Time Student (Individual) $60
Under 30 Individual $195
Under 30 Family $390
30-34 Individual $584
30-34 Family $1168
35-64 Individual $1557
35-64 Family $2180
65 and Over Individual $876
65 and Over Family $1460

Our fiscal year runs July-June. Depending on when you join during our fiscal year, you may have the option of prorating your donation. Minimum Annual Commitment represents only a portion of what is required to cover operations. These giving levels combine both membership fees and building maintenance fees and are based upon the age of the older person in the family as of July 1, the start of our fiscal year.

For Congregants who can afford to pay basic MAC only

You may choose to pay annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly with an optional automatic bank draft.

For Congregants who cannot afford to pay basic MAC

Please contact the Treasurer, President or President-Elect. These members of our financial team consider all special requests on a case by case basis, as it is neither realistic nor appropriate to expect every member to pay the full MAC. No one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay the full amount requested. All arrangements made for reduced dues must be paid via automatic bank draft or in full with the pledge form.

Members who feel they may fall behind on their membership support payments should contact the Treasurer, President or President-Elect. They will try to accommodate any member who has genuine difficulty making these payments. However, only congregants who pay on time will be considered members in-good-standing. It is important to understand that terminating a membership is a last resort. It occurs only after all other reasonable attempts fail to resolve a delinquent account.

For Congregants who can afford to pay more than the basic membership

The board has established a Suggested Giving Level. The Suggested Giving Level helps balance the financial scales so that any potential member, regardless of income, has the opportunity to join Beth Shalom. Please consider contributing according to the table provided below.

For Congregants Who Can Afford More

$100,000 $2,500 or more
$120,000 $3,000 or more
$160,000 $4,000 or more
$200,000 $5,000 or more

Additionally, we are excited to be introducing a number of “Honor Circles for Annual Giving/ Donations” ranging from $3,600 – $10,800. The goal is to ultimately encourage higher levels of giving and member commitment. Contributors at these levels will receive special recognition. We hope to have at least 18 members in our new Honor Circles.

  • Mitzvah Circle: $3,600
  • President’s Honor Circle: $5,400
  • Rabbi’s Honor Circle: $7,200
  • Circle of Blessing: $9,000
  • Circle of Life: $10,800

Questions: If you have any questions about your financial obligations, the Treasurer, President or Past-President listed below welcome your call.

President | Lynn Albert | (919) 741-0954 | [email protected]
Treasurer | Greg Bennett | (919) 466-8945 | [email protected]
Past President | Hal Zenick | (919) 851-7012 | [email protected]

Religious School Fees and Youth Group Fees

Religious school and youth group fees are separate from synagogue support.  Below are the 2017-2018 Religious School fees. For current members who renew and enroll their children in the religious school after June 4, 2017, the religious school fees below will increase by $10.00 per child. To learn more about our Religious School, please click here or contact the Beth Shalom Office. The Religious School offers a teen program for those in 8th through 12th grade: the Madrichim Program. In addition, youth in middle school and in high school may also choose to join one of our youth groups. To learn more about our youth groups, please click here or contact the Beth Shalom Office.

Pre-kindergarten – 1st Grade $335 $0 $335
2nd Grade $335 $24 $359
3rd – 6th Grades $650 $24 $674
7th Grade $650 $0 $650
Jr. BeShTy $125 $0 $125
Sr. BeShTy $250 $0 $250