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Listed below are the different committees responsible for certain activities at Beth Shalom. We hope that you will consider finding out more about them, as involvement in a committee is a wonderful way to meet new people in the congregation and to become involved in shaping your Jewish experience.

Building Expansion Committee

The Building Expansion committee is charged with the responsibility of developing a facility that meets Beth Shalom’s long term needs. The members of this committee consolidates requirements from many sub-committees and develops the best solution possible taking into account multiple priorities. The committee brings proposals to the Board of Directors for decisions and acts as Project Manager for construction.

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for all publicity at Beth Shalom. Members on this committee work with other Beth Shalom committees and individuals as needed to faciliate communication among members and between Beth Shalom and the community. This committee is responsible for the production of the the L’Chayim, Beth Shalom’s monthly newsletter.

Event Planning Committee

This committee develops the policies for allowing outside groups to use the facilities of Beth Shalom. The members set the guidelines, responsibilities, and protections that must be followed. They also work with the Finance Committee to create an appropriate pricing strategy for Building Rentals.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the treasurer in overseeing the finances of the congregation including the investment of congregation funds and the modification and execution of the financial policies of the congregation.

Fundraising Committee

This committee creates fundraising opportunities within Beth Shalom and with the community, centralizes all Fundraising activities and works with the Communication Committee to publicize these events. Members of this committee also create guidelines and goals to assist in meeting the budget needs of Beth Shalom.

Information Technology Committee

This committee is charged with developing our long term IT plan while maintaining our current operational systems. The committee is responsible for the hardware, software, telephone, internet and other systems technology required by Beth Shalom. It also manages the temple website regarding design, content and updating information on a scheduled basis.

Interior Design Committee

This committee is responsible for all interior designs of the Beth Shalom Building. Members of this committee evaluate the interior space and the needs of the temple to produce solutions that improve the aesthetics and functionality of the temple. This committee works closely with the Facilities VP and Finance Committee when implementing any changes to current designs.

Landscape Committee

While the Interior Design Committee works with the inside of the building, the Landscape Committee is responsible for everything outside. They create landscaping plans to enhance the outside beauty of our temple and are responsible for all plants and maintenance of the Beth Shalom Grounds including the watering of plants, mowing the lawn and any maintenance of outside playground equipment.

Hineinu Caring Committee

The Hineinu Caring Committee is responsible for the physical, emotional, and spiritual support of our Beth Shalom community. This committee helps Beth Shalom members celebrate joyous events and also helps members deal with trying times. It supports the Beth Shalom community in performing mitzvot such as Bikur Kholim (visiting the sick), Nikhum Avelim (comforting the mourner), Nikhum Metzukah (comforting the distressed), and Shalom Tinok (welcoming a new baby).

Music Committee

This committee is charged with incorporating new music with our traditional music for regular Shabbat services, and all special musical services including Shabbat Shira, Chanukah, Pesach, and S’lichot, as well as with our largest choral and instrumental event, the High Holy Days services. The committee arranges for practices, provides for the sheet music, coordinates with other musical entities of the temple and acts as a teacher and leader for many musical needs. New songs and tunes are also taught to the congregation as a result of the music contributions. It is also the goal of the committee to utilize the many talents of our membership, to enhance our musical experience and to encourage our younger members to participate in Music programs.

New Member Committee

The New Member Committee is responsible for welcoming new families and assisting them in becoming a part of the Beth Shalom community. This assistance begins with the family’s application process through the first months of membership so that each family feels supported and welcomed.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee creates and publishes the monthly newsletter for Beth Shalom. This task includes gathering articles, information and advertising as well as working to improve the content of the newsletter to ensure that the Beth Shalom community is well informed.

Prospective Member Committee

The Prospective Member Committee is committed to all aspects of new member recruitment at Beth Shalom. They maintain communication channels with all prospective members while establishing outreach recruitment programs. It is the goal of this committee to make every Prospective Member a full time member of Beth Shalom.

Religious School Committee

The Religious School Committee assists the Rabbi and the Director of Jewish Education in planning educational programs from cradle to adult. At Beth Shalom these programs are always changing to meet the needs of the members. This committee is responsible for providing guidance in the creation of education programs and curricula for the Religious School.

Ritual Committee

This committee is charged with the planning and enhancement of ritual services including Shabbat, High Holy Days, holidays, and other religious observances. The committee also provides guidelines and procedures for religious events and family celebrations such as conversions, births, Hebrew naming, etc. Members of the committee work closely with the Rabbi, bringing his ideas to life, as well as those contributions of committee members. Past events have included the publication of Beth Shalom’s own Siddurs, the organization of a group tour of Israel, and the honoring our members who have been married for 50 years or more with a ceremony and celebration. The Ritual committee is also charged with maintaining our ritual items such as the Torah scrolls and has made contributions such as providing the temple with a Yahrzeit board.

Security Committee

The Security Committee works to create and maintain the security of Beth Shalom by providing a safe environment for members, securing our building, and securing our major assets. These duties involve working with local law enforcement and other such agencies.

Social Action Committee

The driving mission of the Social Action Committee is the pursuit of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world (please see the Tikkun Olam section of the website). This committee provides individual and group opportunities that allow members to pursue tikkun olam through tzedakah and acts of kindness. Such opportunities include the Yom Kippur Food Drive, the annual Blood Drive and Mitzvah Day, in which families work with local charities to improve our community and respond to the those in need.

Social Committee

The Social Committee creates, plans and organizes social events which allow members to strengthen existing friendships and form new ones. Their work is an integral part of creating a fun, engaged community here at Beth Shalom. Events have included a family Hanukkah party, the adult Purim party, the annual pool party, and other family game nights.

Sound/AV Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining and providing resources for all sound and A/V needs, and for services and special events. The Sound Committee works with other committees to determine the appropriate needs at events and assists in providing staff and equipment to satisfy those needs. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

Member Retention Committee

Working closely with the Social Programs Committee, the Member Retention Committee strives to create an atmosphere that encourages members of Beth Shalom to continue their active participation in all aspects of temple life for as long as they reside in the community. It helps to promote temple involvement and a sense of belonging, improve communication between leadership, staff and members, and monitor member status.

Youth Group Advisory Committee

This group serves as the “behind the scenes” support and advocacy committee for both the senior and junior youth groups at Beth Shalom. It assists by representing the youth groups at education meetings, acting as the liaison between the youth groups and both the parents and the congregation, tracking finances and budgets, scheduling and programming for the youth groups, and writing policies and procedures for everything related to our youth programs. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join!